Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zero is NOT a size .

So i was at this fashion show yesterday . I must say , it was a job well done . The new fall collection was breathtaking , the music was just right . The colors ,the ambience , the food, the media , the people were all perfect . But i'm still wondering , WHERE WERE OUR CATWALK QUEENS ? or was there a last minute trade with hangers ?

The time when being thin was good enough , is long gone .Now we want our girls to be skinny , for which they put themselves through months and months of hard work and starvation ..Only to look like they would disappear in just a little blow ? Forgive me if I'm wrong , but i don't think its worth it .I remember a line quoted by my favorite character ,Brooke Davis ,which seems appropriate " Anorexia is a disease ,not a fashion statement " ,character Brooke Davis . Most of the models look like they are anorexic . They have lost their charm and beauty due to the bones sticking out from every corner of their bodies .

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They aren't just bags , if they can tell a story .

Its so friggin awesome , to be even remotely associated with a newspaper .
and for something like bags ? fashion ? Only Always .

My friends say it correctly , All Hail Lady Dior . I had only the best feeling in my stomach when i saw this photograph . check it out .

Uniforms , please let me feel special .

Weekends over . Time to put on the gorgeous dress i wear five days a week ,8 hours a day . i.e My uniform . Sounds exciting ?

Well , its NOT .

looking good is equal to feeling good . Every one doesn't have the same body type ,but unfortunately ,everyone has the same uniform.and that just proves to be nothing but a fashion disaster .

The school uniform was born to bring about equality and maintain discipline of dress among students . But forgive me for disagreeing with this notion .Since when does discipline mean wearing your hair, clothes and shoes in the most mundane manner possible?

On one hand , schools themselves instill within us ,a sense of being different , not to follow the masses , but to follow our own heart .But on the other hand , they take away from us , our most obvious form of our individuality , our unique sense of style ? Besides, who in today's world would want to wear what everyone else is wearing?

I remember reading somewhere, that a uniform sets an example of the school; it is the representation of the school community . But aren't we forgetting that keeping uniforms inhibits a student's freedom to make his/her own decisions and choices? In fact, in the United States, Section 83 of the Massachusetts Legislature appears to prohibit dress codes in public schools by declaring that schools may not "abridge the rights of students as to personal dress and appearance”. If you are the kind of person, who likes to express feelings and moods through the clothes you wear, then you must wander from time to time , " why do i have to wear the same old skirt and the 'perfectly' tucked in shirt every single day ?

I know that a school is an institution of learning , but why can't i learn in a casual pair of jeans topped with a tee shirt .Just think about it, if there were a slightly moderate dress code , we could all have so much more fun! With the help of our style , we could express ourselves better, play with colours, and show what we feel . it is a well known fact, that being happy with what you wear , only boosts confidence .

In my school life i have observed , and believe me, im talking with personal experience here , that students tend to get upset when teachers question them on their 'fancy' hairstyles , or their way of wearing their clothes by commenting " why are you interested in fashion trends and not your studies ? "

Well, my only question to them is, is fashion really that bad? Because if it were, there wouldn't be a huge and successful fashion industry running in our country. Why should anyone not be interested in it?There isn't anything wrong in staying up to date with the latest fashion trends .

For someone like me, it simply represents who I am, and it’s not something I should be restricted from. There isn't an age limit to fashion , if I want to do it as a student , then so be it .